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Fair Flowers Fair Plants bouquets online from from the Netherlands has taken a step towards improving the sustainability of its product range. Eight different sustainable bouquets will be available under the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label now. The bouquets will be delivered through roughly 300 Dutch florists. Topbloemen is the first major online provider of FFP bouquets in the Netherlands, where a network of local florists with national coverage is used. Purchase of Fair Flowers Fair Plants The consumer has been showing more and more interest in sustainable plants and flowers lately. This is evident from the sales figures of Fair Flowers Fair Plants, the number of trade parties that show an interest and the higher-end florist that incorporates Fair Flowers in its product range. The collaboration with Topbloemen provides 300 Top Florists, in one fell swoop, which will serve as sales points for Fair Flowers Fair Plants. A growing number of Fair Flowers Fair Plants sales points implies that consumers will be presented with a growing selection, allowing them to truly and consciously purchase sustainable products. The well-known bouquet flowers like Gerbera and roses will be available to start with, but the goal is to be able to offer a complete range. Topbloemen is a fast-growing network of florists, founded by professional florists. The florists that are affiliated with Topbloemen have undergone a careful selection process based on reliability, quality and service. With years of experience in selling flowers through the internet and its own network of more than 500 affiliated florists, is one of the largest online providers of plants and flowers in the Netherlands. All bouquets are delivered in water in a unique gift packaging. Click here to order a bouquet from

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