Looking back at 2014’s activities

Looking back at 2014’s activities

Education of florists: FFP not only forwards attractive promotional material, but also supports florists in conveying the message (in writing and in person through presentations).
Many participants and pending participants are visited on a weekly basis.

The Netherlands

Collaboration with is a fast-growing network of florists which sells plants and flowers online. It has its own network of more than 500 affiliated florists, of which 300 have been selected to become Premium florists. Fair Flowers Fair Plants participation is one of the prerequisites for becoming a Premium florist. This will give Fair Flowers Fair Plants national coverage in the Netherlands from 2015.

Libelle Zomerweek (summer week)
Fair Flowers Fair Plants had a stand at the Libelle Zomerweek in Almere in May. More than 80,000 visitors attended this consumer trade show over 7 days. We enthusiastically explained the possibilities of fair products. The survey that we conducted amongst those who visited our stand shows that 24% are familiar with the label and roughly 70% would like to purchase products under this label. This is a lovely score. The next step is to get consumers to actively request Fair Flowers Fair Plants products in the shop. A wonderful challenge for this year.

The '10 voor de juf' (10 for the teacher) project
This is a project in which FFP worked with growers associations, garden centres and florist organisation Fleurop. During ‘Teachers’ Day’ (on 6 October), school children all take a nice plant or flower to school for their teacher, as a token of their appreciation. The incentive of this project is to use as many plants and flowers from Fair Flowers Fair Plants as possible. The project enjoyed significant media attention.


At the end of September 2014, Fair Flowers Fair Plants participated in Florint, the international convention for florists in Brussels. The possibilities of Fair Flowers Fair Plants were explained to various representatives of the different florist organisations.


At the end of October, Fair Flowers Fair Plants participated in Fleurex, the trade show for the professional florist, which is organised by the British Florist Association (BFA). English florists are ready for Fair Flowers Fair Plants and are enthusiastic. Many interesting contacts were established in connection with this trade show, for various fantastic collaborative opportunities. All participating traders will soon receive a letter with more details on the opportunities related to the English market.

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