Fair Flowers Fair Plants rolls out formula in Scandinavia

Fair Flowers Fair Plants is making its presence felt at the Nordic Flower Expo in Malmö. The consumer label is being shown off to the visitors in a stand made of sustainable materials (how could it possibly be made of anything else?).

Market manager Kitty de Bruyn: "the focus for Fair Flowers Fair Plants lies on the further expansion of this label in Europe. In the Netherlands, we have now achieved national coverage of florists via our collaboration with Topbloemen. We are currently making great headway in Germany and our next focus area lies in Scandinavia. During the trade fair, we are open to new cooperative partnerships and would like the consumer to see that Fair Flowers Fair Plants is genuinely 'greener'."

Many consumers do not yet know that Fair Flowers (and Plants) can come from Scandinavia or the rest of Europe too. The supply lines are short and are thus sustainable.

In Sweden, around 130 traders are taking part in Fair Flowers Fair Plants. The organisation hopes to increase this number, partly as a result of visiting Malmö. At the trade fair, we have been in contact with Euroflorist, an organisation that represents 800 Swedish florists. Both Euroflorist and Fair Flowers are to investigate whether and how a collaboration could be formed.

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