10 good reasons

Here are ten good reasons to for your company to participate:

1. Sustainable floriculture recognisable through one consumer label.
2. Fair production and fair trade.
3. Sustainable, e.g. with a good balance between respect for people, the environment and continuity: no "single issue".
4. Fair trade, because the entire chain is transparent. Every link in the chain can become a participant.
5. Support to local production, to the production of your own continent and production from primarily producing countries, because everyone can participate on the same terms.
6. Consumer Promotion is paid from proceeds of licensing rights to use the Fair Flowers Fair Plants label.
7. Can be used for the entire floriculture range, including flowers, plants, garden plants, trees and bulbs.
8. Accessible to all companies that hold the required certificates
9. Pure market mechanisms, i.e. no redistribution of cash flows.
10. Support from international civil society organisations (NGOs and trade unions) and the floriculture sector.